Beginner’s Guide to New York Cosmetology Schools

New York Cosmetology Schools

Do you love beautifying hair, makeup, and skin? Does it take up much of your free time, just because you enjoy it so much? If so, becoming a cosmetologist could be one of the best career paths available to you!

There are many different cosmetology schools in New York, and each one offers its own unique programs and specialty. In other words, the world is your oyster: you can afford to search around until you find a beauty school in New York that seems like the absolute perfect fit.

In this post, you’ll learn how to easily find the best cosmetology schools in New York near you. You’ll also find everything you’ve been wondering about the New York State Board of Cosmetology. This includes the New York State Cosmetology Board’s requirements and fees for licensure.

New York Cosmetology Schools: Table of Contents

  • How to Become a Licensed Cosmetologist in New York
  • The #1 Secret to Finding the Best Cosmetology Programs Near You
  • 2 Best Cosmetology Schools in New York State
  • The Top 3 NYC Cosmetology Schools
  • How Much Do Cosmetologists Make in New York?

Best Beauty Schools in NYC

How to Become a Licensed Cosmetologist in New York

When you’re ready to become a licensed cosmetologist in New York, there are just a few straightforward steps to take from start to finish. Although they are simple, they do require plenty of energy, passion, and drive.

But you’ve got this! If you already enjoy beautifying the human body, then you’ll naturally enjoy cosmetology school classes.

Below, are a few in-depth descriptions of what you need to become a licensed cosmetologist in New York.

#1. Consider Your Options

The first actionable step is to think about the different kinds of beauty colleges near you. Ask yourself which cosmetology program fits in best with your lifestyle.

New York Cosmetology Schools

For example, you should think about things like:

  • Tuition
  • Class schedules
  • Location
  • Length of Cosmetology School Program

If you already have a packed schedule, you might want to find a cosmetology school with part-time programs.

Another example is if you’ll be taking classes while working a full-time day job. In that case, you’ll need to find a cosmetology school with night classes.

Different Types of New York Cosmetology Schools

You should also consider the state-specific types of beauty licenses that New York has to offer, including:

Best Cosmetology Schools in New York
It’s much cheaper and shorter to get your Nail Specialist license.
  • Barber: each school determines the length of study
  • Esthetician: 600 hours
  • Nail Specialty: 250 hours
  • Natural Hair Styling: 300 hours
  • Waxing: 75 hours
  • Instructor: At least two years of work experience as a licensed practitioner

As you can see, these types of beauty licenses in New York require less training hours. Therefore, there are helpful options for individuals struggling with time or money constraints.

In order to learn more about each type of beauty license, check out “How to Choose the Right Specialty for You.”

Find the Best New York Cosmetology Schools in Less Than One Minute!

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#2. Complete an Accredited Cosmetology Program in New York

The second step is to find an accredited cosmetology school in New York and complete your training hours. In New York State, students must finish 1,000 training hours in order to qualify for a cosmetology license.

#3. Pass the New York Cosmetology State Board Exam

After you’ve completed the required training hours, you’ll need to take the official New York Cosmetology State Board Exam. Like the cosmetology state board exams in most states, there are two parts to this exam: a theory exam and a practical exam.

Check out our free Cosmetology Practice Exam & Study Guide.

#4. Apply for Your License 

After passing both exams, you’ll be eligible for your license and the fun can begin! In order to do so, you’ll need to contact the New York Divison of Licensing Services, Cosmetology Department. You can find out more by clicking the previous link or using the contact information below.


Albany Division of Licensing Services
1 Commerce Plaza
99 Washington Avenue, 6th Floor
Albany, NY 12231

Phone Number


Fax Number


New York Cosmetology License Renewal

The state of New York requires you to renew your cosmetology license every four years. The renewal fee is $40, but there is a $10 fine for late renewals. Unlike some states, New York doesn’t require cosmetologists to complete continuing education classes in between renewal times. However, taking more advanced beauty classes is always a good way to propel your career forward and help you make more money.

New York Cosmetology License Reciprocity

The New York State Board of Cosmetology has approved license reciprocity for certain states, depending on the specific type of beauty license. The following is a list of the states with whom New York has reciprocity for a cosmetology license:
Best Cosmetology Schools in NYC

  • Alaska
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • Virginia

Additionally, the New York Board of Cosmetology offers reciprocity with 13 more states. However, each one requires the license transfer to be supplemented with a minimum amount of licensed work experience in each cosmetologist’s home state.

Here they are:

  • Arizona

    New York Cosmetology Schools
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  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington, D.C.

Each application for transferral costs $40.

The #1 Secret to Finding the Best New York Cosmetology Schools

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The 2 Best New York Cosmetology Schools

There is a multitude of cosmetology schools in New York State. However, the list below showcases some of the top beauty schools that the state has to offer.

New York Institute of Beauty in Islandia, New York

Another great cosmetology school is the New York Institute of Beauty. In fact, if you know you want to go to a cosmetology school in New York but aren’t sure exactly what you want to do, this beauty school offers a wide variety of programs.

These programs include:

  • Esthetics
  • Advanced Esthetics
  • Nail Specialty
  • Waxing
  • Beauty Essentials Makeup
How much is cosmetology school in New York?

Visit the school’s Financial Aid page in order to learn about assistance in paying for your education.

Contact Info:

New York Institute of Beauty
11 Oval Drive, Suite #180
Islandia, NY 11749
Phone: 631-615-4964

The Beauty School of Middletown, New York

The Beauty School of Middletown has a lot going on, which is why it qualified as one of the top three noteworthy cosmetology schools in New York State. This welcoming beauty school has a chic but friendly atmosphere, with a very low teacher-to-student ratio. It offers an Esthetician Program, a Nail Specialty Program, and a Cosmetology Program.  The cosmetology program takes 8 months to complete.

Additionally, this New York cosmetology school has a lot of student-friendly services:

  • Financial aid assistance
  • Help to transfer New York Beauty Licenses to other states
  • Very welcoming to transfer students
How much is cosmetology school in New York?

The Beauty School of Middleton’s tuition for their cosmetology program is $13, 100. Additionally, the required Cosmetology School Kit costs $1,240.

Contact Info:

Beauty School of Middletown
225 Dolson Avenue, Middletown, NY 10940 
[email protected]

The Top 3 Cosmetology Schools in NYC

Carsen Institute of Cosmetology in NYC

The Carsen Institute of Cosmetology features an internationally-influenced curriculum. As a student, you can choose from a variety of programs:

  • The French Haircutting Technique
  • Fundamentals of Beauty Workshop (36 hours)
  • Cosmetology Program (9 months)

Additionally, this NYC beauty school offers both night classes and day classes, as well as cosmetology classes taught in Spanish.

How much does cosmetology school cost in NYC?

The tuition for this NYC cosmetology schools is $14, 516. Another smaller cost is the required kit, which is $1, 550.  Keep in mind that the majority of beauty school students graduate without debt from the Carsen Institute of Cosmetology!

Beauty Careers in New York:
How Much Do Cosmetologists Make in New York?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, cosmetologists in New York earn an annual mean salary of $32, 740. This is higher than the national average mean salary of $30, 490 for cosmetologists in the United States.

Want to land the highest paying cosmetology jobs? Cosmetologists who work in Personal Care Services make the most money.

New York Cosmetology Schools:
The Final Step

Best Haircut Schools in NYC

Ready to choose a career that you can infuse with passion each and every day, knowing that you are helping other people look and feel better about themselves? Get a customized list of the best cosmetology schools in New York for you, and start reaching out to admissions offices today!

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