Welcome to The 16 Top Welding Schools For Certification In Louisiana. In the following article, we’ll cover a list of the welding school locations in Louisiana. Additionally, you’ll find basic welding information and help to find underwater welding schools.

The Top Welding Schools for Certification in Louisiana:
Table of Contents

    • Roles & Duties of a Welder: Basic Welding Information
    • Welding Jobs &  Salaries in Louisiana
    • List of the 16 Top Welding Schools in Louisiana
    • Underwater Welding Schools in Louisiana: Become a Commercial Diver
    • Welding Certification in States Bordering Louisiana

What are the roles and duties of a welder in Louisiana?

In general, welding is the permanently connecting two pieces of metal together. To do this, welders use heat to fuse together the pieces. As simple as it sounds, the entire welding process requires precise skill and technique.

Best Welding Schools in Louisiana
Above, a worker using a sandblaster cleans tubing pipe before insulation.

The 4 Main Responsibilities of a Welder:

  1. Before welding a new project, certified welders study and follow specific blueprints or sketches to carry out projects to precise specifications.
  2. Next, they must inspect the raw structure/material to determine the proper welding method and dimensions. It’s important to realize that there are more than 100 methods of welding. Depending on the material and conditions, the proper welding methods may include gas tungsten arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, or gas metal arc welding.
  3. Another overarching responsibility of welders is to determine the proper welding equipment and machinery required to execute the plan. For example, this may include chipping and cleaning completed welds.
  4. Finally, a crucial part of the job is to maintain the welding equipment and machinery required to meet the project requirements. This may include different tools that are electric, manual, or even a combination of the two, such as welders and grinders.

Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Welder?

Without a doubt, welding requires lots of work. Both physical and mental strength are necessary.

In other words, the field demands workers in good physical health with lots of stamina. Additionally, they must have strong technique and be self-motivated.

Although it takes a lot, welding school will prepare you to succeed!

Life After Certification:
Why You Should Become a Welder in Louisiana

Overall, there are 3 reasons to become a welder in Louisiana:

    • First of all, the welding employment outlook is great. In other words, good welding jobs will be waiting for you after graduation.
    • Second, welding is a fulfilling career that allows you to leave a lasting impact on your world.
    • Another benefit is the variety within the field. In other words, many different types of industries require welders.

Welding Jobs & Average Welding Salary:
How Much Do Welders Make in Louisiana?

On average, welders in Louisiana earn a median salary of $47,810. Put differently, that’s an hourly wage of $22.99. Comparatively, this is higher than the median average of $39,390 per year. (Or $18.94 per hour.)

Nationally, welders in the top 10% of median pay make more than $62,100 annually. In contrast, welders in the top 10% of median pay in Louisiana make more than $69,680.

What industries do welders work in Louisiana?

Overall, welding jobs in Louisiana come in many different forms. Here are 6 examples:

  • Construction of buildings and bridges
  • Aerospace applications
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Gas & oil field power plants and refineries
  • Auto & motorcycle fabrication and repair

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Top Welding Schools for Certification Near Me in Louisiana:
Accreditation & Requirements

Before listing each welding trade school, here’s some information that applies to each school:

  • Currently, each school has approval from the American Welding Society’s SENSE Accreditation Program.
  • In general, each training program includes the following methods: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (stick), or Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG).
  • Usually, the only admission requirement is a high school diploma or GED. However, some programs only require students to be juniors in high school.

The 16 Top Welding Schools for Certification in Louisiana

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Underwater Welding Schools in Louisiana

Specifically, South Central Louisiana Technical College teaches underwater welding. All in all, there are 7 certifications related to underwater welding:

  • Water Survival with METS
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Association of Diving Contractors International
  • Certificate of Technical Studies – Commercial Diving
  • Association of Commercial Diving Educators
  • Safegulf Card
  • API Rigging

To learn more, see The 9 Underwater Welding Schools in the US.

Welding Schools Near Me

Looking For Welding Information On States Bordering Louisiana?

Although Louisiana has great technical trade schools, so do its neighbors. Therefore, we suggest perusing the following articles:

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Best Welding Schools Near Me

Top Welding Schools for Certification in Louisiana:

Finally, it’s time to take action! To get started, use the information from the table above to contact schools directly. If you’re interested in more technical careers, check out the rest of Trades for Careers.