Best Makeup Schools in California
Learn all about the California State Board of Cosmetology’s license requirements for makeup artists, and discover a list of the best makeup schools in California in 2019.

Do you live in the sunny state of California and wish to pursue a makeup artist career? Since the beauty industry is booming in California, this is an excellent career path to take!

In the following post, you’ll find a list of the best makeup schools in California, as well as a step-by-step guide to becoming a makeup artist in CA. Additionally, this guide contains everything you need to know about classes at the makeup schools in California and the best special effects makeup schools in California.

Best Makeup Schools in California Overview:
  • California State Board of Cosmetology Requirements for Makeup Artist Certification
    (Bonus: Esthetician State Board Exam Study Guide Practice Questions)
  • How to Become a Professional Makeup Artist in California
    (Find The Best Makeup Schools in California Near You in Less Than a Minute)
  • Everything You Need to Know About Makeup Artist Classes
  • How Much Do Makeup Artists Make in California?
  • The Top 2 Special Effects Makeup Schools in California
  • In the Spotlight: The 7 Best Makeup Schools in CA

California State Board of Cosmetology License Requirements

In most states, a makeup artist license falls under the Cosmetology State Board’s jurisdiction. It probably won’t have a seperate “makeup degree” title. Instead, you’ll get your esthetician license or cosmetology license. As you work towards this license, you’ll take a program specially targeted at makeup artistry.

Best Beauty Schools in California

In California, individuals who wish to become makeup artists must earn their esthetician licenses. In order to get your esthetician license in California, you must log 600 hours at an accredited makeup school. After completing your coursework, you must pass the California Esthetician State Board Exam. This exam contains two portions: a theory (written) portion and a practical (hands-on) portion.

Be prepared to pay an initial $75 for the exams. When you pass the exams (with flying colors, no doubt!), you’ll need to pay $40 for the makeup artist license.

In order to keep your makeup artist license current, you’ll need to renew your esthetician every two years in California. The due date is the last day of the month in which you first received it.

Esthetician State Board Exam Questions

Understandably, many students want to find esthetician state board exam practice questions to get ready for the test. Luckily, there are plenty of helpful resources both on and offline that will help you prepare.

Here are some materials that will help you answer those esthetician state board exam questions like a pro. First, here are the top 3 online practices quizzes to use:

Another helpful method is to study through YouTube videos. Sometimes, having a real-life person talking gets you out of your head and helps you absorb the material better.

So, think you would benefit from getting out of your head for a bit? Check these videos out:

Sometimes, it’s good to step away from a computer and do it the old fashioned way: with a book. Here are some great choices from Amazon’s selection:

How to Become a Certified Makeup Artist in California:
Attend the Best Makeup Schools in CA + Satisfy State Board Requirements

Becoming a professional makeup artist in California is far more than just attending one of the best makeup schools in California. Although that is a good start. We’ve broken down the process into four main steps, which are outlined below.

How to Be a Makeup Artist in California, Step #1:
Is This Really Something You Want?

Makeup Artist Classes Near Me

Before you even enroll in one of the beauty schools in California, stop. Take some time to really consider the adventure you’re about to begin….

Many of the top makeup artist schools will write a statement like “make sure you want to be here” on their websites. It is as important to them as it is to you that you enjoy what you are learning and doing.

The best makeup schools in California demand a strong work ethic and passion from their students. In exchange, they’re ready to meet your enthusiasm with top-notch education!

Ready to do some digging, but not sure where to start? Here are some relevant makeup artist school articles with oodles of helpful videos, links, and information:

How Do You Become a Certified Makeup Artist in California, Step #2:
Start Searching for “Makeup Classes Near Me”

After you’ve made the decision to go for it, it’s time to start looking for “makeup artist school near me.” In order to make your search a little easier, we have this safe school search bar below. Just enter your information, and you’ll receive a customized list of the best makeup schools near you.

The best part? There are no strings attached. In other words, you can unsubscribe at any time.

I’m confident that you’ll eventually find the best makeup artist school near you. When that moment comes, it’s time to reach out to admissions. Begin the enrollment process as soon as you have found your passion!

How to Become a Makeup Artist in California, Step #3:
Graduate from Makeup School

Once you’ve been accepted to an accredited makeup school, it’s time to begin your makeup artist certification classes. Whether you go to a small makeup college or go to a large cosmetology makeup school, the classes will follow the same structure.

You’ll take traditional classes to learn the theory behind makeup artistry. Additionally, you’ll perform a lot of hands-on learning on models and manikins.

How to Become a Certified Makeup Artist Step #4:
Pass the State Board Exams

After graduation, it’s time to take the state board exams. Once you pass, you can become a practicing makeup artist! Just remember California’s state cosmetology board requirements, and renew your license every two years.

The Beginner’s Guide to Makeup Artist Training Classes:
What to Expect in Makeup Courses

In reality, all schools have different curriculum. As discussed above, you might be learning makeup artistry as part of an Esthetician or Cosmetology program.

However, here are some of the types of things you can expect to learn*:Best Makeup Schools in California

  • How to create a makeup kit (For example, which makeup types and brands to use for different purposes.)
  • How to make sure your makeup is waterproof
  • Color theory: what it is, and how to use it
  • The different facial shapes and traits
  • How to do shades and undertones
  • The proper application of eyeliner, mascara, and blush
  • How to use shadows and highlights for facial contouring
  • Various styles for eyebrows, lashes, and eye makeup
  • Faux eyelash application and the best way to shape eyebrows
  • How to emphasize the lips, making use of the natural facial curves to create a defined “look”
  • Everything about mixing and applying foundation for all skin typesBest Makeup Schools in California
  • Airbrushing
  • Dealing with those annoying under-the-eye circles
  • How to manage skin conditions such as blotchy skin, patchy skin, and broken capillaries
  • Natural makeup vs. Avant-Garde makeup styles
  • When and how to utilize various types of makeup (For example, bridal makeup, prom makeup, etc.)
  • How to maintain healthy skin care routines
  • Techniques for sanitizing your makeup kit supplies

Additionally, the top makeup artist schools included advanced classes that teach these kinds of techniques:

  • Consultation with prospective clients and agencies
  • How to advertise your services
  • How to know how much to charge
  • Networking to create a new business;
  • Designing a website in order to put your portfolio online
  • How to collaborate with photographers, production companies, and modeling agencies
  • Working with photographers and creative directors to discover the right “look” for a photo shoot or event

Makeup Artist Career & Salary Info:
How Much Do Makeup Artists Earn in California?

To get a better idea of how much makeup artist careers are worth in California, let’s first look at the average makeup artist salary in the United States as a whole.

What is the average makeup artist salary in the United States?

One thing to remember is that the average makeup artist salary depends on the type of makeup artistry. Since makeup artistry licensure falls under different categories according to the different states, there are a few statistics of varying categories across the US:

  • According to the US Bureau Labor of Statistics, the average salary of Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artists was $69,310.
  • The average salary of Hairdressers, Hairstylists, and Cosmetologists was $30,490.
  • On average, skin care specialists (like estheticians) made a yearly salary of $35,130.

All of these statistics were updated in May 2017.

Now let’s see how salaries in California compare. The news is good for professional makeup artists in California! According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, California has the second highest concentration of makeup artist jobs of all other states. Even more, California is the 4th highest paying state for makeup artists. In contrast to the national statistics, the average salary of makeup artists in California is $74,170.

Special Effects Makeup Schools in California

Best Makeup Schools in California

It wouldn’t be California without special effects makeup schools! If you’re more interested in transforming human faces into mythological creatures or monsters, then you’ll love the special effects makeup schools in California listed below.

E.I. School of Professional Makeup

One of the best special effects makeup schools in California is the E.I. School of Professional Makeup. It is located in Hollywood, right where you want to be. This program is 12 months long, and the tuition is $17,600.

Your education will prepare you to work in film, television, corrective beauty, theater, and fashion. Interested in finding out more details? Contact the school directly by emailing [email protected] or calling (323) 871 – 8318.

Cinema Makeup School

The Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles offers a month-long makeup artistry program.  Some of the things you’ll learn about include airbrush techniques, lifecasting, blood tubing, and multi-piece prosthetics. The tuition cost for the 4-week special effects makeup program is $5,390.

In addition to the short special effects makeup program, Cinema Makeup School also offers a Film & Television Degree program. This is more comprehensive, spanning over 26 weeks.

One of the best perks of the Cinema Makeup School is that they offer job hunting assistance to all students.

In the Spotlight:
The 7 Best Makeup Schools in California

And now, without further ado, here’s a list of the top 7 makeup schools in California:

  1. Hollywood Makeup School
  2. Kimberly Bosso Celebrity Makeup School in Los Angeles
  3. Meg O’Hare Beauty College in Santa Monica
  4. Michael Vincent Academy in Los Angeles
  5. Glam Lab Makeup Studies in Los Angeles
  6. Chic Studio’s LA School of Makeup
  7. April Love Pro Makeup Academy in San Gabriel

The Best Makeup Schools in California:
Your Turn!

Now that you’ve learned the ins and outs of becoming a professional makeup artist in California, it’s your turn! Whether you just want to learn more, or you’re ready to start searching for the top beauty schools with makeup classes, TFC is here to help.

Can you tell that you’re truly ready to become a professional beautician? Don’t hold yourself back any longer! If you’re ready to enroll in makeup school, use the search bars on this page to help you find the best makeup schools in California.

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