Becoming a Licensed Cosmetologist in Kentucky 101:
The Best Cosmetology Schools in KY + Kentucky Board of Cosmetology Requirements

Best Beauty School Near MeKentucky is a great place to be a cosmetologist, and there are many good cosmetology schools in KY.

The good thing about such a variety of beauty academies is that you can be “choosy” and really take the time to select one that fits your needs.

On a national level, the employment outlook for cosmetologists keeps getting better! In other words, there will be a good job waiting for you after graduation.

In this post, we’ll cover all of the usual “FAQs” about beauty school in Kentucky, and we’ll also go over the Kentucky cosmetology license requirements. You’ll also find out the #1 secret to finding the best beauty school near you.

Kentucky Board of Cosmetology Schools: Overview
  • How to Become a Licensed Cosmetologist in Kentucky
  • The #1 Secret to Finding the Best Cosmetology Programs Near You
  • 7 Featured Cosmetology Schools in Kentucky
  • The Essential Things You MUST Ask Admissions Before Enrolling
  • 4 Tips to Help You Pass the Kentucky Cosmetology State Board Exam

The 3 Steps to Becoming a Licensed Cosmetologist in Kentucky

In order to become a licensed cosmetologist in Kentucky, you’ll need to complete a few steps. The process requires hard work, but it’s easy to understand when you break it down.

Best Haircut School Near Me
Learn how to become a licensed cosmetologist in Kentucky!

1. Find the best cosmetology school in Kentucky for you.

Of course, the most important step is choosing the best cosmetology school in Kentucky for you. For example, you might night need a cosmetology school with night classes. Or you might have a tight budget to work with. Some other things to think about are what kind of cosmetology license you want. For example, are you interested in a cosmetology license or something more specific?

One reason people like to get a Kentucky cosmetology license is that it allows them to work with hair, skin, and nails. This is a wonderful beauty license for so many people! It’s perfect if you want the broadest range of knowledge and love all aspects of beauty.

However, the cosmetology programs last longer than other beauty programs. In Kentucky, you must complete 1,500 training hours. If you’re on a budget, you might want to complete an esthetician program instead. An esthetician license in Kentucky only requires 750 hours. (In order to learn the ins and outs of becoming an esthetician in Kentucky, see the Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Best Esthetician School in Kentucky.)

One of the most important things to check is that the Kentucky Board of Cosmetology has approved the school.

2. Attend and Graduate from Cosmetology School in Kentucky

According to the Kentucky Board of Cosmetology in 2019, all prospective cosmetologists must complete 1,500 hours of education and have a 12th grade education apprentice cosmetologist theory and practical exams. After graduation, you may submit an exam application through the state board’s website.

3. Pass the Kentucky Cosmetology State Board of Cosmetology Exam

Overall, the exam to get your Kentucky cosmetology license consists of two parts. One is called the written, or theory exam. The other is a “hands-on” exam, or a practical examination. The total fee for both exams is $75. NIC (National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology) administers the test.


Your tests will include material from your accredited beauty school, including:

  • Coloring of the Hair
  • Permanent Waving
  • Manicures and PedicuresHow to Become a Licensed Cosmetologist in Kentucky
  • Hair Styling & Artistry
  • Draping
  • Shampooing (Including rinsing)
  • Bacteriology
  • Properties of Hair and Scalp
  • Kentucky Law
  • Sanitation & Safety

You’ll also learn about the various beauty products that you will utilize throughout your cosmetology career. These encompasses things like hair styling gels, makeup, and different types of waxes.

The NIC theory exam in Kentucky is comprised of the following sections:

  • Scientific Concepts (30%)
  • Hair Care and Services (40%)
  • Skin Care and Services (15%)

4. Obtain & Maintain Your Kentucky Cosmetology License

Once you’ve passed the cosmetology state board exam, you can apply for a Kentucky cosmetology license. There is an initial $50 fee. You’ve put the work in, and now it’s time to get your first cosmetology job!

Just make sure to keep your license current by renewing it every July 31st. There is also a fee for this; it’s $50.

The #1 Secret to Finding the Best Cosmetology Schools in KY

Simply use the toolbar below to locate the best cosmetology school in KY for you. Campus Explorer is a complimentary program that helps students find colleges and trade schools. It is especially helpful because it gives you a customized approach to finding a school based on your specific preferences.

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Overall, the top four reasons we love Campus Explorer are because:

  • It’s FREE
  • Personalizes your search in order to show you custom results that meet your preferences
  • No-strings-attached; you don’t pay anything and you can unsubscribe at anytime
  • Finally, the real selling point: Campus Explorer provides you with insider tips on scholarship information. As a result, you have an advantage in funding your education.

All you have to do is put your information into the safe toolbar below. After that, relax and wait to receive some extremely helpful tips and a personalized cosmetology schools in Kentucky list delivered right to your inbox!

The 6 Best Cosmetology Schools in KY

Although you can check out the full list of approved cosmetology schools for license in Kentucky, here’s our own list. Below, you’ll find our “top picks.”

  1. Central Beauty School in Greenville, KY
  2. Campbellsville University Cosmetology School in Louisville, Kentucky
  3. KCTCS -Bluegrass Beauty School in Louisville Kentucky
  4. Wild Roots Hair School in Richmond, KY
  5. Trend Setters Academy, Inc. (locations in Louiseville, Elizabethtown, Maysville, and Campbellsville)
  6. Summit Salon Academy in Lexington, Kentucky
  7. Aveda Cosmetology School in Florence, Kentucky

Checklist of Questions to Ask Admissions

So, you’ve found some pretty good-sounding beauty schools in KY. However, you should find answers to the questions in the list below prior to enrolling. This list is here to make sure that you find the best possible fit!

After all, if you’re forking over thousands in cosmetology school tuition, you should make sure it’s a solid, high quality education. Without further ado, make sure to ask the following for questions:

  • Are you an accredited cosmetology school? If not, then don’t attend this school! It’s essential that you go to an accredited beauty institution in order to get your license and practice cosmetology legally.
  • Do you offer any scholarships or grants? In fact, you might even want to contact their Financial Aid office directly. (For more information, check out How Much Does Cosmetology School Cost? Tuition Solutions for Students.)
  • How long is your cosmetology program? It’s smart to know how long you’ll be in school and when you can plan to graduate.
  • Do you offer job placement assistance? The top cosmetology schools in Delaware should have job placement assistance of some kind for their students. For example, this could be resume-building classes or a job placement program for students who are almost ready to graduate.

How to Ace Your Kentucky Board of Cosmetology Exam with Flying Colors

Okay, so most people don’t like exams. That’s understandable. But don’t let test-day jitters get in the way of you getting your Kentucky cosmetology license! Simply follow the guidelines below and you’ll be just fine.

Beauty Schools in Kentucky

  1. Stock Up on Essentials: One success-causing move is to ensure that you have everything you need prior to exam day. Specifically, make sure to find out exactly what supplies you need for the exam, and order them in advance.
  2. Be Extra Sure of the Cosmetology Exam Date: Double-check the date, time, and location of the exam date and put it prominently on your calendar. Make sure you have adequate time in your schedule to de-stress before you take the exam. Expect the theory exam to last one to two hours and the practical exam to be between roughly four and eight hours.
  3. Study like crazy! The most important thing you can do. First go over a quality cosmetology exam study guide, and also take advantage of a good cosmetology state board practice test. These will remind you of everything you learned in school. It will also prepare you for any questions you didn’t go over in school.
  4. Relax, Because You’ve Got This. Don’t let other students stress you out with all the hype. If you go to class, pay attention, and ask questions if you don’t understand something, you’ve done all the right things in the beginning. Then, if you take advantage of study guides and practice exams, you’ll know exactly what to expect. Relax, because you’ve got this!

Now it’s Your Move!
Reach out to a Beauty School Today

We know you’ve got this. Especially now that you know the secret to finding the best beauty schools in KY and the state board license requirements. It’s a simple path, and you can will be successful if you apply yourself. (Which we know you will!) There are tons of resources out there. Again, it’s a good idea to use a cosmetology exam study guide and a good cosmetology state board practice test

So, it’s your move! Don’t hesitate to reach out to a few admissions offices today. Or, if you’re still searching for the best cosmetology school in KY, use Campus Explorer to speed things up.

Congratulations on embracing your happiness and success in the future, and thanks for dropping by TFC!

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