Welding is one of the most satisfying careers in the United States. It has both technical and artistic attributes, making it appealing to a wide net of people. And if you live in Ohio, you live in a great state for taking welding classes! There are a total of 71 top welding schools for certification in Ohio. 

If you’re interested in finding the best place to take welding classes in Ohio, continue reading for information about each school.

Table of Contents

  • How to Become a Welder in Ohio
  • The 71 Best Welding Schools in Ohio
  • Contact Information for the Top Welding Schools in Ohio
  • Good Welding Jobs in Ohio

How to Become a Welder in Ohio

So, you’re ready to become a welder. Congratulations! Now, here are the steps you should take to become a welder in Ohio:

  1. Brush Up On Welding Basics: First, dig a little deeper. Watch some videos about welding and talk to any friends/acquaintances you know who are welders.
  2. Assess Your Personal Strengths: Welders need to have good physical strength/stamina, have strong spatial orientation skills, manual dexterity, and be fiercely independent. Some are quite artistic and enjoy the aesthetics of welding. If not many of these traits describe you, it may be harder for you to learn how to weld. (However, you know yourself best. So if you have a conviction that you’d be a good welder, don’t give up on your dream.)
  3. Enroll In One of the Best Welding Schools in Ohio: Once you’ve brushed up on your welding knowledge and considered if you’re “made” to be a welder, it’s time to look into welding classes at an accredited school. This is the article for you because we’re going to provide you with information for each school.
  4. Obtain Your Welding Certification: It takes more than just passing your classes to become a welder, as you need to take a special test to obtain your welding certification. This test must be administered at an accredited welding testing facility.
  5. Maintain Your Welding Certification: Once you’ve become a welder in Ohio, you’ll need to maintain your certification. In order to do this, you must fill out certain paperwork twice a year.

The 71 Top Welding Schools for Certification in Ohio

All in all, there are 71 top welding schools for certification in Ohio. Whether it’s welding classes at high schools, career centers, or community colleges, you have plenty of options from which to choose. All of them are accredited by the American Welding Association.

Welding Schools in Cincinnati

In Cincinnati, there are three welding schools: the Cincinnati Job Corp Center, Diamond Oaks CDC, and Scarlet Oaks Career Development Campus. If you’re hoping to find good welding jobs in Cincinnati, going to a school in the area is a good idea.

The Cincinnati Job Corps Center

The Cincinnati Job Corps Center is part of the national Job Corps, which offers tuition-free education and vocational training to young people. When you learn a trade like welding from the Cincinnati Job Corps Center, the Center places an emphasis on work-based learning (WBL) and green jobs training. This means that you’ll learn through hands-on tasks. And you’ll also learn green, environmentally friendly practices as they relate to your chosen trade.

In addition to teaching Welding Technology, the Cincinnati Job Corps Center offers the following five trades:

  • Automotive and Machine Repair (Maintenance & Light Repair)
  • Carpentry
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Finance & Business (Office Administration)
  • Hospitality (Culinary Arts)

Visit the Cincinnati Job Corps Center’s “Master a Trade” page for more information.

Diamond Oaks CDC

Diamond Oaks CDC is another one of the welding schools in Cincinnati, Ohio for your consideration. It is, of course, accredited by the American Welding Society. The American Welding Society offers special welding certification in the following 9 categories:

  • Inspectors
  • Radiographic Interpreters
  • Welding Engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Educators
  • Fabricators

Scarlet Oaks Career Development Campus

At the Scarlet Oaks Career Development Campus, you can obtain your welding certification in less than 45 weeks. Another benefit is that Financial Aid is available for those in need. While earning your certification, you’ll learn skills like blueprint reading, visual inspection, brazing, and mechanical drawing. For contact information, consult the table in the section below.

Welding Schools in Cleveland, Ohio

There are two places to take welding classes in Cleveland, Ohio: the Lincoln Electric Welding School and Mas S. Hayes Vocational High School.

Lincoln Technical Institute

Lincoln Technical Institute offers a variety of programs, from Spa & Cosmetology to Health Sciences. Welding Technology is one of the four sections of the Skilled Trades Programs.

In addition to welding, Lincoln Tech offers Skilled Trade classes in:

  • HVAC
  • Electrical/Electronics
  • CNC Machining & Manufacturing

For more information about Lincoln Tech’s welding program, check out their Welding Technology page.

Mas S. Hayes Vocational High School

The other welding school in Cleveland, Ohio is Mas S. Hayes Vocational High School. Mas S. Hayes is a unique high school because it offers students the opportunity to learn trades like welding, construction, and diesel mechanics. Through internships, “shadowing” experiences, and hands-on learning, students can begin learning trades as early as freshman year.

The welding classes available at this school are Gas Metal Arc Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, and Flux Cored Arc Welding.

Welding Schools in Columbus, Ohio

If you’re interested in welding schools in Columbus, Ohio, you should check out Columbus State Community College. Columbus State Community College offers a variety of programs, including an Associate Degree in Welding. Additionally, the school offers the following four certificates:

  • Pipe & Plate TIG Welder Certificate (Intermediate)
  • Intermediate Pipe I & 2 Welding Certificates (offered separately)
  • Intermediate Welder Certificate

Contact Info for the Top Welding Schools for Certification in Ohio

Although Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati have some of the best welding schools in Ohio, there are dozens more equally as impressive schools for welding. Use the table below to find a welding school in Ohio near you.

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As information regarding each school changes slightly each year, make sure to contact a school directly for up-to-date enrollment information. 

Good Welding Jobs in Ohio

There are many good welding jobs in Ohio waiting for you to graduate. For an idea of how much you can expect to earn, check out the following statistics:

  • Welders in the top 10% make about $53,810 per year.
  • The median average salary for welding jobs in Ohio is $39,260. (Or $18.88 per hour.)


As you can see, there’s an abundance of top welding schools for certification in Ohio. And once you graduate, there are plenty of jobs waiting for you. For more information regarding welding jobs after graduation, welding supplies, and welding schools nearby, make sure to poke around the rest of Trades for Careers.

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