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Cosmetology Schools in Kansas CityAre you the “go-to” friend for advice on hair, make-up, or skin care? Do you find fulfillment in making other people feel better about the way they look? If so, you’re in the right place… because a cosmetology career could be just the vocation you’ve been searching for.

In the following article, you’ll learn how to find the best cosmetology schools in Kansas, the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology Requirements, and how much money you can expect to earn after graduation. (Hint: job security for cosmetologists is amazing)

Top Cosmetology Schools in Kansas: Overview

  • First, the Basics: What is Cosmetology School?
  • Kansas State Board of Cosmetology License Requirements:
    How to Become a Licensed Cosmetologist in KS
  • Employment Outlook for Cosmetologists:
    How Much Do Cosmetologists Makes in Kansas?
  • Insider Tips on Finding the Best Cosmetology Schools in Kansas Near You
  • 4 Tips to Help You Pass the Kansas Cosmetology State Board Exam
  • Don’t Make This #1 Most Regretted Mistake

Cosmetology Schools in Kansas City

The Basics: What is Cosmetology School?

Although it might be obvious to many of you, you are welcome to consider cosmetology school even if you don’t know very much about it. As long as you do your research about the responsibilities of a cosmetologist, you might end up being one of the best beauticians once you gain your education! Generally speaking, there are a lot of different types of beauty licenses. It can get confusing. Especially when you’re just starting to learn about beauty schools.

So, here’s a very basic definition from Wikipedia:

Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment. Branches of specialty include hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures, non permanent hair removal such as waxing and sugaring and permanent hair removal processes such as electrology and intense pulsed light.

In other words, “cosmetology” is the broadest term for a beauty specialist. A licensed cosmetologist is trained in all the things and goes to beauty school the longest. In contrast, other beauty specialties have much narrower focuses.

For example, some states, like Indiana and Tennessee, have Shampoo Technician licenses. That type of beauty specialist only does one thing, and so it’s much faster to get this type of beauty license.

Here are additional types of beauty licenses that fall under the “cosmetology” umbrella:

Despite the many interesting beauty careers, we’ll be focusing on cosmetology schools in Kansas that train students in all areas. Overall, that includes hair, skin, and nail care.

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How Much Does it Cost to Go to Cosmetology School?

According to Cosmetology-License.com, the average cost of a cosmetology program in Kansas is $14,811. In order to find ways to make this more affordable, see “How Much is Cosmetology School? Tuition Solutions for Students.” In that article, you can even learn how to go to cosmetology school for free!

How long is cosmetology school?

Due to state-specific cosmetology requirements, this answer is different for every state. But in Kansas, the cosmetology programs usually last from between 10 to 12 months.

The Kansas Board of Cosmetology License Requirements
How to Become a Licensed Cosmetologist in Kansas

In order to get your cosmetology license in Kansas, you need to attend an accredited cosmetology school. But there are a few more steps. In order to simplify the process, we’ve broken it down into easy-to-understand steps below.

Step One: Go to One of the Accredited Beauty Schools in Kansas

First, you’ll need to attend an accredited cosmetology school and complete 1,500 training hours. As discussed above, cosmetology programs include classes about a variety of topics.

In comparison, here are requirements for similar beauty careers in Kansas:

Esthetician License Requirement: 1,000 hours
Electrologist: 500 hours
Nail Technician/Manicurist License: 350 hours
Barber License1,500 hours

Step Two: Pass the Kansas Cosmetology State Board Exam

After you graduate, you must pass the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology Exam. Put simply, this is a two-part test. The first part is called the “practical exam” and involves your hands-on demonstration of the skills you acquired in beauty school. Secondly, there’s a “theory exam,” which will take about 2 hours.

Notably, the written material covers material from the following textbooks:

  • Salon Fundamentals: A Resource for Your Cosmetology Career
  • Milady’s Standard Nail Technology
  • Milady’s Standard Textbook of Cosmetology

Additionally, the written exam draws questions from the Kansas Board of Cosmetology Statutes and Regulations.

In Kansas, you’ll take your cosmetology exam through Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research. This is simply a testing network used by many licensing boards across the United States.

One last note on the Kansas State Cosmetology Board Exam: there is a $65 practical exam fee, as well as a $50 written exam fee.

 Step Three: Obtain Your Kansas Cosmetology License

In order to obtain your Kansas cosmetology license, you’ll need to pay a fee of $45. You also need official verification of the following:

  • Passing scores on the Kansas Cosmetology Exam
  • Proof of Training Hours & Graduation from an Accredited Cosmetology School
  • Verification that you graduated from high school

In order to make this process as easy as possible, check out this PDF checklist of requirements for obtaining your Kansas cosmetology license.

Step Four: Find a Cosmetology Job

Finally, the part you’ve worked so hard for! After all of your hard work and training, you’ll love being able to receive the respect and payment you deserve. In order to ensure a job after graduation, we recommend working with your school’s job placement services. It’s also important to take resume and business ethics classes seriously… because it will only make you a more attractive employee candidate in the future!

Step Five: Renew Your Kansas Cosmetology License Every Three Years

Finally, remember to renew your cosmetology license in Kansas every 3 years. Unlike certain states, like Iowa, there are no continuing education requirements during the renewal period.

How to Find the Best Cosmetology Schools in Kansas for You

In order to find the best beauty schools in Kansas for your situation, we suggest using the handy toolbar below. Campus Explorer is a free service that helps students find colleges and vocational schools. It is unique because it provides a no-strings-attached, personalized approach to searching for the right school.

Campus Explorer is a free service that helps all types of students find the schools which best match their higher education needs. Campus Explorer provides pricing transparency, scholarship information, college rankings as well as numerous other key details on over 8,500 US colleges, universities and trade schools. We help students personalize their searches and connect directly to schools online. Campus Explorer serves more than 30 million high school, college and adult students every year with college planning and college search. (From Campus Explorer’s Website)

We love Campus Explorer because:

  • It’s FREE
  • Personalizes your search in order to show you custom results that meet your preferences
  • No-strings-attached; you don’t pay anything and you can unsubscribe at anytime
  • Finally, the real selling point: Campus Explorer provides you with insider tips on scholarship information. As a result, you have an advantage in funding your education.

The first step is to enter your information into the safe toolbar below. Next, expect to receive some extremely helpful tips and a personalized cosmetology schools in Kansas list delivered right to your inbox!

Cosmetology Jobs & Employment Outlook:
How Much Do Cosmetologists Make in Kansas?

First, let’s consider the national averages for cosmetologists in Kansas. In order to do so the most accurately, we’ll examine statistics from the US Board of Labor Statistics. As of May 2018, the average salary for Hairdressers, Hair Stylists, and Cosmetologists in the United States was $30,190. For cosmetologists in the top 10% of their industry, the average salary was $50,110.

Next, let’s look at Kansas’s averages:

  • First of all, the average cosmetologist in Kansas makes $25,620 per year. In other words, that’s $12.32 an hour.
  • In contrast, “superstars” in the 90th percentile have a mean average wage of $44,010 per year.

One thing to remember is that many beauty specialists do not report all of their tips. Notably, tips are a big part of most cosmetologists’ incomes. In other words, the averages may be higher than represented by “official” statistics.

Do You Want to Make the Most Money As a Cosmetologist in Kansas?
Do These Things

Take classes that prepare you to work in one of the top five highest paying industries. That is, look for a job in:

  • Performing Arts Companies
  • Health Practitioner Offices
  • Scientific, Professional, and Technical Services
  • Company and Enterprise Management
  • Death Care Services

4 Tips to Help You Pass the Cosmetology State Board Test

Although it can be an anxiety-inducing day, you can prepare for the day of your Kansas cosmetology state board test to make it go smoothly.

Here are some tips to help you pass the Kansas cosmetology state board test:

  1. Make Sure You Have Everything You Need: One action that will help calm your nerves and ensure your success is to make sure you have everything you need before you take the exam. Make sure to find out exactly what supplies you need for the exam, and order them in advance.
  2. Clear the Exam Day On Your Calendar: Double-check the date, time, and location of the exam date and put it prominently on your calendar. Make sure you have adequate time in your schedule to de-stress before you take the exam. Expect the theory exam to last one to two hours and the practical exam to be between roughly four and eight hours.
  3. Study, Study, Study! The most important thing to do is study as much as possible before the exam. Go over a quality cosmetology exam study guide, and also take advantage of a good cosmetology state board practice test. These will help reinforce the information you’ve already learned in school as well as prepare you for any questions you didn’t go over in school.
  4. Relax, Because You’ve Got This. Don’t let other students stress you out with all the hype. If you go to class, pay attention, and ask questions if you don’t understand something, you’ve done all the right things in the beginning. Then, if you take advantage of study guides and practice exams, you’ll know exactly what to expect. Relax, because you’ve got this!
Check Out “How to Pass the State Board of Cosmetology Exam: Study Guide & Test Questions”

Don’t Make This #1 Mistake
(You Have the Power to Make Your Dream a Reality!)
Don’t Put off Searching for Cosmetology Schools in Kansas Near You

All to often, we hear people complaining about their jobs. Often, they “settled” for whatever was easiest. Or, they pursued a career that they thought would make other people happy. But you are too important to make decisions based on pleasing others!

If you know in your heart that you’re ready to try working in the beauty industry in Kansas, don’t make the mistake of thinking things like “I’ll look into it later” or “I’ll work at my current job just a little longer.

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” So, we dare you to take that first step: start searching Kansas Cosmetology Schools near you!

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