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Welcome to the Alabama State Board of Cosmetology Guidebook!

Alabama State Board of Cosmetology Schools
If you’re toying with the idea of attending cosmetology schools in Alabama, then the Alabama State Board of Cosmetology Guidebook is for you.

Cosmetology is a booming industry in the US, and the state of Alabama is no exception! In this post, you’ll discover how to find the top cosmetology schools in Alabama near you. You’ll also find cosmetology license requirement information, average salary statistics, and more.

Cosmetology Schools in Alabama: Table of Contents

  • The Basics: What is Cosmetology School?
  • Alabama State Board of Cosmetology Requirements for Licensure
  • 4 Ways to Pass the Cosmetology State Board Test
  • How to Find the Best Cosmetology Schools in Alabama
  • Two Top-Rated Cosmetology Schools in Birmingham, Alabama
  • What You Need to Do Now if You Want to Be a Cosmetologist

The Basics: What is Cosmetology School?

First, let’s establish exactly what cosmetology means. It might be obvious to many of you, but there are a lot of different types of beauty licenses. It can get confusing. Especially when you’re just starting to learn about beauty schools. We understand!

So, here’s a very basic definition from Wikipedia:

Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment. Branches of specialty include hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures, non permanent hair removal such as waxing and sugaring and permanent hair removal processes such as electrology and intense pulsed light.

In other words, “cosmetology” is the broadest term for a beauty specialist. A licensed cosmetologist is trained in all the things and goes to beauty school the longest. In contrast, other beauty specialties have much narrower focuses.

For example, some states, like Indiana and Tennessee, have Shampoo Technician licenses. That type of beauty specialist only does one thing, and so it’s much faster to get this type of beauty license.

Here are additional types of beauty licenses that fall under the “cosmetology” umbrella:

You can click on the links above to learn about schools for those license types. However, in this post, we’ll be talking about cosmetology schools in Alabama that train students in all areas – the hair, skin, and nails.

 Alabama State Board of Cosmetology Requirements for Licensure

In order to become a cosmetologist in Alabama, you must attend an accredited cosmetology school for 1,500 training hours. Alternatively, you can complete a 3,000-hour apprenticeship instead of going to beauty school.

An apprenticeship involves learning from a licensed cosmetologist while you work with them in their salon.

After completing your apprenticeship or attending an accredited cosmetology school in Alabama, you must pass the Alabama State Board of Cosmetology exam. The exam costs a total of $140.

After you pass the exam, you can apply for your Alabama cosmetology license. There is a $40 fee to do so.

Here are the requirements for all of the beauty licenses in Alabama:

  • Barber: 1000 hours for Class II
  • Cosmetologist: 1500 hours or 3000 apprenticeship hours
  • Esthetician: 1500 hours or 3000 apprenticeship hours
  • Nail Technician: 750 hours or 1200 apprenticeship hours
  • Instructor: If you already have a manager’s license, then the requirement is an additional 650 hours. Otherwise, you need 1500 hours in order to become a licensed cosmetology instructor.
  • Natural Hairstylist: 210 training hours

Alabama Cosmetology License Renewal

Once you have your cosmetology license, you need to renew it every odd-numbered year. The due date is the final day of the month in which you were born.

Unlike other states, the Alabama State Board of Cosmetology does not require continuing education during the renewal period.

Conveniently, the Alabama State Board of Cosmetology allows you to renew your license online!

Visit Website

Alabama Cosmetology License Transferral (Reciprocity)

In contrast to some states, Alabama doesn’t have cosmetology license reciprocity with any other states. In other words, if you want to work in Alabama but were licensed in a different state, it will take a little effort to transfer your license to Alabama.

In order to transfer your cosmetology license, you must ask the state in which you were licensed to send proof of your license and education to the Alabama State Board of Cosmetology.

When they receive proof of your certification, Alabama’s cosmetology board will then assess your qualifications based on your number of training hours and where you went to school. Depending on your experience, they may ask you to take new licensing exams.

Currently, the cost of transferring your license is $100.

Contact Info
for Alabama State Board of Cosmetology

The Alabama state board of cosmetology has an excellent, informative website that probably has answers to most of your questions. However, if you need to contact them directly, you can reach them via phone, fax, email, or “snail mail.”

Mailing Address

Alabama Board of Cosmetology
100 N. Union St., Suite 324
Montgomery, AL 36130

Fax Number


Phone Numbers

334-242-1918 or 1-800-815-7453


[email protected]

4 Tips to Help You Pass the Cosmetology State Board Test

Although it can be an anxiety-inducing day, you can prepare for the day of your Alabama cosmetology state board test to make it go smoothly.

Here are some tips to help you pass the Alabama cosmetology state board test:

  1. Make Sure You Have Everything You Need: One action that will help calm your nerves and ensure your success is to make sure you have everything you need before you take the exam. Make sure to find out exactly what supplies you need for the exam, and order them in advance.
  2. Clear the Exam Day On Your Calendar: Double-check the date, time, and location of the exam date and put it prominently on your calendar. Make sure you have adequate time in your schedule to de-stress before you take the exam. Expect the theory exam to last one to two hours and the practical exam to be between roughly four and eight hours.
  3. Study, Study, Study! The most important thing to do is study as much as possible before the exam. Go over a quality cosmetology exam study guide, and also take advantage of a good cosmetology state board practice test. These will help reinforce the information you’ve already learned in school as well as prepare you for any questions you didn’t go over in school.
  4. Relax, Because You’ve Got This. Don’t let other students stress you out with all the hype. If you go to class, pay attention, and ask questions if you don’t understand something, you’ve done all the right things in the beginning. Then, if you take advantage of study guides and practice exams, you’ll know exactly what to expect. Relax, because you’ve got this!

Two Top-Rated Cosmetology Schools in Birmingham, Alabama

There are numerous excellent cosmetology schools in Alabama. In this section, we’ll highlight two of our favorites: Aveda Cosmetology School and Mitchel Cosmetology College. They are some of the best cosmetology schools that Birmingham has to offer.

Aveda Cosmetology School

Looking for a cosmetology school with an amazing reputation? Try the Aveda Cosmetology School in Birmingham, AL. This world-renowned beauty school was founded in 1978.

In addition to the usual hair cutting and nail care classes, the Aveda cosmetology program offers a variety of classes, such as business development and retail knowledge.

Visit the Aveda Institute’s website for more details. You can also call them at 1-205-769-3500.

The Aveda Institute in Alabama also offers an esthetician program.

How Long is Cosmetology School? 1 year
How Much is Cosmetology School? $5,800 + $2,000 Kit

Mitchell Cosmetology College

Another top cosmetology school in Birmingham is Mitchel Cosmetology College. The program boasts of hands-on learning from experienced professionals in the beauty industry. It also encourages creativity and helps prepare graduates for the actual “real life” experience of working as a licensed cosmetologist.

In order to learn more, check out their Cosmetology Program page. You can also contact them via phone at 205-663-7126 or 205-663-7132.

The tuition is $10,000, and you also have a $525 Kit fee.

What You Need to Do Know If You Want to Be a Cosmetologist

While the two beauty colleges in the previous section are excellent, they are just a taste of what Alabama has to offer. In order to find the best cosmetology schools in Alabama nearest you, use the Campus Explorer toolbar below.

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Ready… Set… Go!

We at TFC wish you the best of luck as you apply to cosmetology schools!

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